BMS "On the Spot" BevCam Episodes

“Beverly Main Streets – On the Spot” is a new program on BevCam. It features casual interviews with downtown business owners and is filmed on location. Host and producer Lee Yaffa has completed several episodes. The show shares an insider’s view of businesses and is fun to watch, thanks to Mr. Yaffa’s sense of humor.

Episode 1 Link
Interviews with Legendary Motors, Calla Rene Salon, Gusto Cafe and Clay Dreaming Pottery Studio. Watch until the very end for a surprise segment after the credits.

Episode 2 Link
Interviews with Zelloe & Weaver, Super Sub /Casual Catering and Beverly Cooperative Bank.
Episode 3 Link 
Interviews with Carroll's Florist, Oceanview Assisted Living and Revive Dance Exchange. See Lee Yaffa's hip hop dance debut!

Episode 4 Link  
Interview with the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts.

Episode 5 Link  
Interviews with Marino's Cafe and Gordon's of Beverly.

Episode 7 Link   
Interviews with Nanci's International Jewellery and McNeil's Auto Body.

Episode 8 Link
Interviews with Sew Creative and Creative Yarns.

Episode 9 Link
Interview at Casa de Moda, including the artist and students who created the outdoor mural

Episode 10 Link
BevCam at the BMS office with Gin and Heather! Learn all about BMS.

More episodes are coming soon! Thank you to Lee Yaffa, John Augeri, Endicott College intern Ben Meadows and the businesses for volunteering on “Beverly Main Streets – On the Spot.”