Calendar Posting Information

Email us to request permission to post your events on our new downtown events calendar!

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It's a great way to advertize your events and bring people to downtown. The subject of your email should read “Downtown Events Calendar – permission request.” Include your name, organization, email address, and what type of events you would like to post. It can take up to two weeks for BMS to process your request. Google will send you an automatic email invitation to view the calendar once you have been given permission by BMS. You can continue to add events without requesting permission for each event. Click here for instructions on posting.

The event must be located in downtown Beverly and be of interest to Beverly residents and be open to the public, or be an event related to one of our D2020 sponsors. Click here for the map of the downtown area. Examples of appropriate events include: live music, fundraisers, film showings, poetry readings, gallery openings, concerts, parades, etc. Examples of events that should NOT be posted include: sales or special offers, private or member only events, or events not located in downtown Beverly.