Complete Body by Connie Pilates

95 Rantoul St
Bevely , MA 01915
Contact: Connie Lafond
Phone: 617-840-9451

Categories: Health & Wellness , Services

Exercise instructor & Trainer for over 30 years. Small reservation only Pilates Mat classes and one on one training by appointment. Pilates is a thoughtful practice which, through a series of controlled precise movements, improves flexibility & strength giving a full body work out. Focus is on proper alignment, improving flexibility & strength to abdominal & back muscles. Pilates creates a centering mind-body connection. It is not only a great core workout, but with its emphasis on proper breathing, it is also a great stress reducer. All classes are very beginner friendly since all movements are demonstrated with options suited to each participants fitness level. The adaptability of Pilates for different fitness levels is one of its primary benefits. Reservations required.