Downtown Happenings

There is always something fun happening downtown. We have great events and promotions year round, thanks to our dedicated volunteers. What is your favorite event? 

We hope the following links and information help!


Check out our Downtown Events Calendar and Facebook for more events!

Event Participation Guidelines

At many of our events, there are opportunities for local businesses to participate/attend as a vendor.

Our policy for including local businesses is as follows:

  • Downtown businesses will be invited first, with a deadline to respond 
  • If space is still available, other Beverly businesses will be invited, with a deadline to respond
  • If space is still available, businesses outside Beverly will be invited to participate 

Exceptions to the policy may be made when:
  • We have an established track record of working with a particular business and it would cause undue pressure to switch businesses 
  • We deem that a particular event would be best served by having a blend of “familiar favorites” and “new options.” In those cases, we may open up only a portion of the available spaces for new businesses.  
  • We need a balance of vendors to fulfill the requirements of the event 
  • We may give priority to our sponsors
  • We may exclude businesses who fail to follow the guidelines for event participation and other BMS programs 
Starting in 2014, businesses will be charged a fee to participate in these events in which there is limited space including Arts Fest, THE BLOCK parties and more.