2016 Great Signs Grant Program

Note - this program replaces the Façade and Sign Improvement Program; grant monies are no longer available for façade improvements.

Highlight your downtown business with a GREAT SIGN! A unique, eye-catching projecting sign can help new customers find you easily. Signage is the first thing customers see – are you sending the right message? Do your windows tell your story? 

We may be able to help you with the purchase and installation of either a projecting (blade) sign and/or vinyl lettering for your windows and door. You may apply for up to $2500 in a 1:1 matching grant (for every $1 you invest, we invest $1). The money is available on a rolling basis; there are no deadlines. The program will end when all the money has been awarded for the year.

Please read the application and the FAQs for all the details. 

You need to submit:

  • Completed application with all required signatures (if you don’t own the building, you’ll need the owner’s signature)
  • 1-3 high-resolution color photos of the building and signage as it looks today with nothing impeding the view (ie, no cars, snowbanks, etc)
  • Renderings of your proposed sign and/or vinyl lettering in full color drawn by a professional architect / designer 
  • Perspective drawings of your building with signage in full color; this means your drawings must be to scale and must show the signs and/or vinyl lettering to scale in the appropriate locations on the building
  • Paint samples of the proposed colors
  • Images of the proposed hanging hardware (if applicable)
  • Timeline and budget estimates on architect / designer’s letterhead (note that design cost must be shown as a separate line item on the budget but is NOT covered as part of the program)

2016 Great Signs Grant Program Documents:   


La Victoria Taqueria blade sign

Mingo Gallery blade sign

Mingo Gallery vinyl lettering