How BMS Can Help

Letters of Support – If you have a project coming up for review with any of the city boards or commissions, we’re happy to meet with you to review the plans and the design. If they are aligned with the nation MS guidelines (link), we’re happy to write a letter of support on your behalf to any of the approving authorities.

Making Connections – We can help you make connections with anyone at City Hall and with our network of downtown service providers: attorneys, realtors, appraisers, etc. Just call us at 978.922.8558!

Breakfast with BMS – We host a bi-monthly breakfast to help business and property owners learn about us and how to leverage our programs. We keep it to a max of 6 people and it’s well worth the hour of your time! If you’re interested, email us!

Business Buzz Monthly Newsletter – Every month, we publish and hand-deliver the Main Streets Business Buzz, a 1-page update of everything that’s happening with us that concerns you, the downtown business or commercial property owner. We have about 15 volunteers who do this for us – get to know the person who visits you! If you’re not receiving the Buzz, let us know. You might not have been open when our volunteer came by. 

Marketing Opportunities – We offer several ways to get your name out in front of potential customers:
  • Buy a banner! More than 50 businesses each year purchase a light pole banner sponsorship. We have colorful summer and winter banners and your name is displayed on a sponsor tag that hangs below. Thousands of people see it every day as they drive Cabot, Rantoul and Elliott Streets. Click here for more details! 
  • Sponsor an event! For major events such as Arts Fest and Beverly’s New Year, we offer sponsorship packages that provide several levels of advertising for your business. We always publish them in our e-newsletter so make sure you’re signed up to receive it! 
  • Be in the Business Directory! All downtown businesses are welcome to list their business in the BMS Business Directory – click here for the details. 
  • Welcome visitors! We also always tell you, in the e-newsletter and the Business Buzz, about every event we have coming up so that you can plan how to tie into it with a special promotion, special signage or some creative way to take advantage of the event and bring people into your business. For example, when we do the Downtown Trick or Treat event from 4-6pm every Halloween, don’t close up shop at 5pm – stay open and welcome families with a treat! The parents will remember and come back to visit you again. 
  • Post your events! Post your events on our new downtown events calendar. Downtown events only please and you need to get approval from us first to become a poster (takes 2 weeks). Click here for all the details!
Marketing Suggestions
  • During Events - The folks at Vineland (NJ) Main Streets have put together a number of marketing ideas for downtown businesses to maximize the spending power of visitors who come to town for events. With so much going on in Beverly during the summer, this is the time to make sure visitors know about you. While the list was written for the Vineland  businesses and references  Vineland events, there are great ideas for you to implement before an event, during an event and even after the event to maximize your visibility and profits. Click here for a pdf of the report.