Meet Our Volunteers

Our work is done by a hearty group of volunteers who are each invested in the future success of downtown Beverly and the Downtown 2020 project. We thank each of them for their time, energy, expertise, passion and most of all, for keeping their sense of humor! 

Click here for a list of volunteer opportunities. 

Promotions Committee
Co-Chairs: Deanna Pierpan, Heather Wolsey
Members: Julia Campbell, Sandra Griffel, Suzie LaMont, Joanna Scaparotti, Kelly Johnson, Mindelynn Young, Tracy Valletti

Design Committee
Co-Chairs: Donna Musumeci, Gin Wallace
Members: Carla Cox, John Hall, Pamela Sherry-Landess, Nancy Ormiston, Sue Goganian, Joe Zelloe, Suzie LaMont, Heather Wolsey     

Arts Fest Beverly Committee
Co-Chairs: Kathleen Moore, Heather Wolsey
Members: Janice Preston, Deanna Pierpan, Caitlin Duggan, Carrie Kanosky, Gayel Cote, Joanna Scaparotti, Kelly Johnson, Sandra Griffel, Savery Kelley, Suzie LaMont and Tracy Valletti

Beverly's New Year Committee
Co-Chairs: Bruce Doig, Heather Wolsey   
Members: Dalton Young, Joscelyn Ruelle-Kerske, Larry Ralph and Sue Goganian

THE BLOCK Parties Committee
Chair: Heather Wolsey
Members: Dan Brosnan, Judith Forman, Ashley Gonyaw, Sandra Griffel, Brad Pomerleau, Jan Preston, Matt Schmidt, Rhonda Wallace, Mindelynn Young, Gin Wallace

Business Recruitment Task Force
Co-Chairs: Miranda Gooding, Andy Goldberg
Members: Jack Good, Rick Alpern, Rick Mooney, Jon Hurst, Steve Immerman, Benjamin Shute, Gin Wallace 

Golf Committee 
Co-Chairs: Andy Goldberg, Rene Gagnon, Gin Wallace 

30 & Main Steering Committee
Chair: Andy Goldberg    
Members: Jay Norton, Anne Grant Reynolds, Julia Campbell, Lance Daly